Science activities to get your child interested!

How do you want your child to learn Science?

Of all subjects, Science is one that shouldn’t be bogged down by regurgitation and drilling. To learn well, one should be interested, love Science and understand how it applies to real life.

Obviously we focus on MOE requirements with its syllabus and also guide students on the answering of open-ended questions.
However, our goal is always to always challenge our kids and help them learn beyond the curriculum, so we do more than that.
Just this year alone, we did experiments such as the aluminium foil boat, matchstick rocket, bread dough gluten, yeast balloon, parachute and te straw bamboo gun among others.

It always thrills us to see the students’ excitement when they see what they had learnt from the textbooks actually work in real life. I recall how some of them screamed in awe when they observed how fast the ice melts with different materials. It may be just a simple experiment but it definitely left an indelible impression on the children.

We still have some Science slots available for 2017 If you are keen for your child to have a fun and meaningful learning experience, message us at to know more. :) via Facebook Pages