Synthesis and transformation

Many students find this part of the paper tough. As with all components of the paper, you have to read, speak and write often to grasp the language.Still, lots of practices help too. The following questions are a tad tricky. Can you tell me the right answers?

1. Beauty couldn’t return home. She had to seek permission from the beast.
Unless ___________________________________________

2. “Mary and Jane were at the annual dinner last night. I saw them,” said Jerry.
Jerry said _________________________________________

1. Unless Beauty sought permission from the beast, she could not return home.
2. Jerry said that he saw Mary and Jane at the annual dinner the night before

Common mistake #1- a lot of students forget to change “seek” to “sought”
Common mistake #2- instead of “last night,” we should write “previous night” or “the night before”. 
We cannot be sure Jerry’s timeline is the same as ours. He may have said it last week or a month ago so “last night” wouldn’t be accurate.

Reminder: the question requires “unless” to be used at the start of the sentence so we aren’t allowed to move it liberally to the middle.