Tackling Comprehension

Comprehension- as the name suggests, it is about understanding what you read. It’s not tough at all, but you need to use a bit of logic and heart into reading the story.

The reason why teachers want students to paraphrase their answers instead of just copying from the passage is to allow them to think about the answer.

And thinking is really not very difficult.

Here’s a simple question based on this paragraph.

“China and Japan must ease tension in the disputed East China Sea to avoid severe “unintended consequences”, United States Ambassador to China Gary Locke said today (Feb 27), days before he steps down as Washington’s first Chinese-American envoy in Beijing.”

Which month did Locke step down from his position as Washington’s envoy in Beijing?

What we know:
-Locke made the comment on Feb. 27.
-He steps down days later.
-There are only 28 days in February.

The answer must be March because there’s only one day left after he made the speech and he’s leaving the position only “days later.”

It’s simple analysis. So the next time you attempt comprehension, don’t be frightened by the questions. As long as you think through the questions, you will be able to get the answers.