Wei Method

Recently, there’s a buzz in the education circle called flip teaching, i.e. student learn by watching video lectures at home and what-used-to-be homework is now done in class.

I think I can need to patent my own pedagogy- the Wei method too. 😉

As PSLE inches, I want to be able to spend more quality time teaching my P6 kids.
1. As such, I started a daily assignment format. I e-mail them a short assignment daily. It could be one of the paper two components- comprehension, cloze passage or transformation & synthesis. The student will work on the questions and reply my mail later that day or the next day.

2. I will mark them and reply once I see their answers.

Merits of the Wei method:
– students practise daily
– as it is a short assignment, it doesn’t take more than half an hour daily. This way, there’s higher chance of my student finishing the assignment and doing it conscientiously
– I mark once I see them (within hours) so the questions are still fresh in their mind
– I add notes to the answers- so there’s a record and it’s easy for them to revise in future
– I know the strength and weakness of all my students because I go through all their assignments and on the day of the class, I can focus on their weakness
– Class time can be spent on more interactive and fun activities

Perhaps if I patent this method, it can help me retire early. What do you think? 😉