Why Trust Us

I had this conversation with a parent whose child is taking the PSLE next year.

“Why should I trust you with my daughter? It’s a crucial year for my child and I don’t want to have to switch tutors in the middle of the year again.”

This is a very legitimate question. I understand the concerns of the parent totally.

PSLE is a big deal in Singapore, regardless whether we like it. Why should you believe in us?

This year, we had our first P6 batch. We love the students to bits, motivated them, drilled them with past year papers, made learning fun for them, spotted questions, worried about them and aimed to make our small space cosy for them.

As we had day jobs, we had to wake up early at 4am and worked late into the wee hours of the night just to mark their papers and prepare materials for them. My students will sometimes get assignments or reminders from me at 5am. This is purely because we love teaching. We waited nervously by the phone on the day of the exams and felt a little lost after they graduated from the class.

My mum said I looked like I have lost two stones from juggling two jobs, but she’s a drama queen, so I would take that with a pinch of salt.¬†

Considering that we have a full-time job this year and teaching on Saturdays is purely for passion, it shows our dedication towards the students and our determination to get them to excel. Many of them improved- a child who had always failed his English had 34/40 for his composition during the prelims, another scored the highest she had ever gotten for her English during the year-end exams.

Because we love what we do and we have a kiasu mentality where we must win, I believe we can help your child. In addition, in 2015, we are doing this full-time so all our energy will be spent guiding your child.

I understand that we are the new kid on the block, so you may need a leap of faith if you do not know our previous batch of students. We promise from the bottom of our hearts that the Study Room is a place with love and conscience and we aim to do all we can to help you. We had done it ourselves, excelled and we want to replicate our success with your child.