Work hard!

I have been quite a slave driver since June. I have given the P6 students a lot of homework, hoping the drills will help them improve in their final-year exams. The load increased in recent weeks as PSLE approaches.

My dear kids, if you are reading this, please just “tahan” this ordeal for another few weeks.

Just remember, whatever homework I give you, I do it many times over. In addition, to help you remember/understand, I typically add notes next to the questions you get wrong. Just today alone, I spent almost four hours marking your papers and I am only halfway done! So you see, I am fighting this battle along with you! You cannot give up!

It’s a brand new day/week tomorrow. Sleep early today, if you haven’t already. Just bear with this for a while more and then it’s fun for the rest of the year. It’s worth it!