Writing tip, how you shouldn’t end your composition (Part II)

Writing tip:

On Aug. 1, we advised students not to end the story by saying it’s a dream. (See link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=184968275009064&set=pb.175114272661131.-2207520000.1378436313.&type=3&theater)

Over the next few days, let’s examine other atrocious methods to conclude your composition.

Conclusion 2: What’s Worse Than a Dream?

Asking your reader "Was I dreaming or was it real?"

Make up your mind- do you want your composition to be bad or horrible?

What’s worse than reading a bad essay is the writer’s indulgence in the awfulness of it all. Don’t be surprised if the teacher appears in your dream and attempt to slap you for the bad essay. Or did he?

Conclusion 3: Don’t Kill Everyone in the Story

If everyone has died in the story, be it the protagonist or the antagonist, who’s left to relay the story?

Even the Game of Thrones, which loves killing key roles, leaves characters behind to tell the story.