Colon versus Semi-colon

English tip:

I was asked how/when to use a colon and a semicolon.

A colon :

Use a colon to set off a summary.

For example:
There were so much food at the party: chicken pie, curry fish head and french fries.

A semicolon:
This is stronger than a comma, less forceful than a full-stop. Here are the following scenarios to use a semi-colon. Do note the use of semi-colon has been in decline and not many like it.

a) Use a semicolon between closely related main clauses not joined by a coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, nor, or, so, yet)
EG: I hate cats; I prefer dogs.

b) Use a semicolon between main clauses linked by a conjunctive adverb (such as however and therefore) or transitional expression (such as in fact or for example).

EG: She is very protective of her baby; in fact, she doesn’t even allow anyone else to carry the baby.