Weather based idioms – explanations

Did you understand all the idioms we posted yesterday?
Here’s the explanations and examples. :)

-as right as rain- feeling fine and healthy
Example: I have recovered from my illness. I feel as right as rain.

-take a rain check- rearrange a meeting
Example: My son fell sick. I don’t think I can meet you tonight. Can we take a rain check?

-rain or shine- no matter what’s the weather/situation
Example: I will be waiting for you at 12pm, rain or shine.

-on cloud nine- extremely happy
Example: John was on cloud nine when Mary agreed to marry him.

-rain on my parade- ruin your pleasure
Example: I was so excited when my teacher said we were going to the zoo. Why do you have to rain on my parade and not allow me to go?

-throw caution to the wind- forget all your commitments and do something crazy
Example: Life is short. Let’s throw caution to the wind, quit our job now and travel the world tomorrow.

-steal my thunder- take attention away from you
Example: She had to steal my thunder and announce her wedding plans the very same day I told everyone I was getting married.

-calm before the storm- a quiet period before a period of great activity or excitement
Example: The streets may be quiet now but that’s just the calm before the storm. The activists have planned for a revolution tomorrow morning.

-be snowed under- have too much work
Example: I can’t make it for the movie tonight, as I am snowed under with work.

-every cloud has a silver lining- there’s something good even in an unpleasant situation
Example: Every cloud has a silver lining. If I wasn’t late for my flight to New York, I wouldn’t have bumped into my long-lost friend Andrew.

-fair-weather friend- someone who is your friend only when things are going well for you
Example: Amy is a fair-weather friend. She has been avoiding me ever since I told her I am bankrupt.

-get wind of- to learn of something
Example: The police got wind of the kidnappers’ whereabouts and ambushed them.

-it never rains but it pours- bad things happen all at once
Example: First, I fell down the staircase. Then I got scalded by hot water. It never rains but it pours!

-have your head in the clouds- unaware of what is going, guided by whim and fancy
Example: She has her head in the clouds, thinking the prince will fall for her one day.