Convoluted Maths Questions

Maths tip: Some questions seem so convoluted it makes you wonder who invents these.

They are unfortunately part and parcel of the examination process so we can only fold up our sleeves and get down and dirty with them.

Here’s one example:

“Jamie spend $6 less than 4/7 of her money on a dress. She spent $6 more than 1/2 of her remaining amount of money on a blouse. If she had $24 left, how much money did she have at first?”

Working backwards:

She had $24

She had spent $6 more than 1/2 her remaining money – means she divided her money into 2, and took another $6 from the half that is remaining. So we add back $6. And we multiply it by 2. that is $24+6 = 30 30*2 = 60

She spent $6 less than 4/7 of her money. Means she divided her money and from that 4/7, she had $6 left. So the amount of money she had left was 3/7 plus $6. this is equals to 60.

60-6 = 54 (this is 3/7)

54/3 = 18 (this is 1/7)

18*7 = $126 (this is 7/7)

She had $126 at first. (remember units)