How to Guide Primary 1 Kids in Composition

  • Children, especially the Primary 1 and 2 kids, are very creative and may not have organised thoughts.

    A parent recently asked me how she can help her son because he tends to write whatever is in his mind for his composition and the story may go out of point.

    Our P1 and P2 students write weekly to improve their English.

    This is what I do:

    1. I explain the pictures, narrate the story to themĀ and ask them for their suggestions too. This will help to get them more interested in the writing.

    2. I provide a few questions and helping words to aid them in their composition structure.

    For example:
    Paragraph 1:
    What are the parents doing? Where are they bringing their children to? How do the children feel?
    overjoyed/anticipating /exhilarated

    3. For students who can write independently, I will leave them to do the story by themselves and check on them occasionally. For the younger students who may not be able to do so, I sit next to them and guide them step-by-step.

    4. Children are allowed to ask questions throughout this writing process. If they have a word they can’t spell, the question is open to the floor.
    Those who know will help by writing it on the whiteboard.
    This will encourage interaction among the students and help them remember the vocabulary.

    5. Once they are done with the composition, I mark them on the spot as the essay is still fresh in their minds, they will be able to remember what they have written and hence, can understand the mistakes I point out to them.