How to Revise for the Science Exams

Primary school science requires a fair amount of knowledge of content. To do well, one must also be able to memorise and recall the important concepts.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Write notes when you study. The act of writing already helps you to remember what you wrote.
2. Notes have to be concise. Be really brief. Try to use one to three words for a single concept. This helpsĀ because (a) there are less words to remember, (b) the summary process makes you think and (c) revision will become a breeze.
3. Other methods include:
– spatial position. This is similar to how mind maps works. The position (eg. bottom right corner) of a particular concept in your notes help you recall what it is. You don’t need to follow the exact mind map methodology though.
– colour. Some of my ex-classmates used to have very colourful notes. I’m terrible at this so I didn’t attempt this.
– numerate. Numbering a list helps.
– recite. It’s like memorising a passage. You read it out aloud a few times, cover your notes with your hand, and try to recite it again.
– writing again. There’s no harm in writing it out again.

I’ve shared this with my lovely class already. More tips to comeĀ