How to Study Science & Maths

I am a typical humanities student. I never had the flair for Maths and Science. If I did well for my Sciences, it was sheer hard work.

In the good old days, we started learning Science only when we were in Primary 4. I remember my first CA well. I was very used to getting full marks for my Maths, English and Chinese for Primary 1-3. So when I got my results, I broke down in class immediately.

I had my first 78.

Science is unlike the languages where I just need to use it often and could even memorise to score- you need to understand and apply.

That was what I struggled with. I can work five times as hard as my classmates, regurgitate the facts but I didn’t know how to apply the concepts. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be taught. I had much difficulties- but I started working on my foundation from young. In the end, I still had my A for Science.

And this is why I want to work with Wallace. He’s the opposite of me- he’s very good with his physics and chemistry; he’s logical and most importantly, he knows how to apply the concepts. As years go by, the curriculum is getting tougher- there’s more thinking involved and you can’t just rely on the 10-year series. As we grow older, we will realize applying what you learn is also a very critical skill to have in the work place.

What I like most about Wallace’s class is the open-method of teaching- he conducts experiments (sometimes outdoor) to bring the theories out from the textbooks, play games to reiterate concepts and do drills to prepare the students for the exams. More importantly, he encourages students to question, which is very essential for learning.

And another bonus point for his dedication- as his partner, I see how he prepares materials for his Saturday classes every weekday evening, that’s a lot of commitment for a new father and a full-time trader.

Well, I always tell parents I can’t sing our own praises. If you are skeptical about what I’ve mentioned, you can always try his classes over the June holidays. Afterall, we do have a policy where we return your fees in full if you find them unsuitable within two weeks, so it’s a no-lose situation for you.

Think about it.

Give it a try. Money back guarantee if you disagree with me. Enquire more here

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