Learning English and Saving Our Street Dogs

Yesterday, I invited members from Save Our StreetDogs SOSD to give a speech to the Primary 1/2 children.

When asked what one should do when his puppy grows up and is no longer adorable, one of my students said he would “let it go” in the forest.

 photo 1-53.jpg
The kind volunteer explained to the students why that was not encouraged and advised them to adopt instead of buy a pet. The kids proceeded to write about the day’s experience. They were also introduced new vocabularies to help with the composition.

Wallace and I agreed on the slogan “More than curriculum” when we first started. Besides the MOE syllabus, we want to teach critical thinking, compassion, get students interested in reading and world affairs and most importantly, we want our students to love learning.

Besides the usual four-picture composition for Primary 1/2, I like to spice it up with other forms of writing exercises so the young kids have more impetus to write. At the same time, they are exposed to the real world and widen their horizons. Other activities we have had include an occupation talk by a pilot and visits to the museum.

Hope the children enjoyed the class yesterday and learnt a bit more about life while honing their writing skills.