Paying it Forward

I have explained several times why I teach, even though I have a full time job. Reasons include how I love children and this is a passion.Yesterday, my mum asked, “Is this because you want to continue the Chinese High spirit?” Then it dawned upon me. Yes, perhaps it is so. I want to “pay it forward.”

I was very lucky to get very good teachers when I was studying. (See story on Maths teacher here: One other teacher who touched me deeply was a certain Ms Lim. She was my Secondary Two English teacher and taught me only for a year.

When I was in Secondary Four, I was revising my work at the study room in school when she called me over.

“Do you need help with your English?” she asked.

English wasn’t my best subject so I agreed promptly. From then on, she would make me write a composition at her home every Sunday afternoon. She didn’t need to “burn” her Sunday for me but she did.

I got an A for my English, thanks to her. And now, writing is my livelihood.

I benefited from so many caring teachers. I guess it left a deep impression on me and pushed me to contribute in any way possible.

So here I am- trying to touch someone’s lives and I hope I can make a difference in yours.