Do you accept weak students?

Question: My child is very weak. Would you accept him as a student?

Yes, of course. I know there are educational centres who only take in smart students, but we do not discriminate like that.

There must be a reason why a student is asked to spend his weekends on more classes and we are here to assist. We will work hand in hand with you to help him.

That’s the purpose of starting our classes- to make a difference in someone’s life.

Question: My child is already good in his studies. I see you take in weak students. How do you value-add? Will the weak student drag the progress of the class?

We understand there are students who are already good in their studies and want that extra polish to secure the A*.

1. The class is very small so the teachers can focus on every student.
2. The teacher will demand different things from various students. For instance, I would focus on the weak student’s grammatical and spelling mistakes in his composition.
For the better student, I would nitpick on his flaws, provide him with better descriptions for the composition and get him ready for A*.
For Maths and Science, more challenging questions will be assigned to the more academically-inclined student.

Everyone will benefit from the class.