Sopheak’s Friendship School – Halloween fund raising

Giving back to society and helping others are important aspects of education.

Every year, we try to help the less fortunate and try to get our students involved too. Last year, we started our Hair for Hope satellite site and got 20 students and parents to shave their hair with us to raise funds and awareness for children with cancer.

This year, while looking for a new beneficiary, we chanced upon Project C on Give.Asia. Project C was raising funds to help a school in Cambodia. We thought that’s a very worthy cause and decided to help with the efforts.

Through our student and parent volunteers’ help and generous donations by everyone, we raised $1,213 for Sopheak’s Friendship School. Hopefully it can improve the students’ lives, even if it’s just by a little.

Pearly, one of the key volunteers for Project C, came over today to get the cheque from us. All we did was organize a Halloween party. They started the entire awareness campaign, headed to Cambodia to understand the situation, and even built the school for them. Kudos to them.

If you didn’t manage to donate last Sat, you can still make a donation directly at their Give Asia site.