Spicing up the last class of the year

It was our last class for the year. I decided to try something different with my P1 students to spice things up.

1) Instead of providing the composition question, I asked them to set the theme of the essay and come up with three scenes which would be used in the story.

This serves as an early exposure to the new three-picture PSLE compo format. By giving them the freedom to choose the topic, I hope they are more willing to work on the story.

2) Next, as per my usual practice, I brainstormed story plots with them- this way I can guide them and advise them if the ideas are unsuitable.

At the same time, they will become more independent in structuring the stories and cultivate the good habit of planning their compositions.

3) I asked them to provide words that they had learnt this year- this is to test if they remember what I have taught them.

I was impressed. The 7-year olds remembered phrases such as “as happy as a lark”, “magnolia white clouds drifting across the sky”, “all’s well that ends well” etc with little prompting from me.

While these may be simple for the older students, I was proud my lower primary children were able to have a head-start.

Hopefully I have helped them build a foundation and love for the language this year.