Using the Pyramid Game to Learn Vocabulary

Was a couch potato when I was a kid. Now it’s starting to reap its rewards.

I try to play games with my kids in class to get them interested in learning, especially for the P1-2s who may have a shorter concentration span. We’ve played games such as “wheel of fortune” and spelling bee.

To keep them enticed, I try to think of new games all the time. Last week, I tried the “Pyramid game” with the P1 and 2s. I used to watch it after school in the evening in the 1990s (before all these kids were born!).

The merits of this game- the children have to describe the vocabulary to their teammates so they need to understand the word. In the midst of describing, they use synonyms to hint to their friends, improving their vocabulary bank and some construct sentences to make it easier for the mate to guess the word.

This beats forcing them to memorise new words (and they will in turn hate my class!) and it’s probably more effective.