We don’t discriminate.

We don’t discriminate against weak students. After all, they come for extra lessons because they need help, don’t they? It defeats the purpose if only academically strong students are accepted.

Sure, such a policy will not be beneficial to us, because we won’t be able to brag about 100% A* s amongst our students, but we believe in being a business with a conscience.

For all my students, I set a goal for them. A goal is tangible, helps you see your progress and motivates one to do better.

With less than a month to PSLE, it is always happy to see improvements in the prelim. Not all are A*s, but it’s heartening when a student improves from a C to a B, or a B to an A.

That is what education should be about- improving oneself.

We don’t have the authority to rid exams or PSLE, but we can do our best in the capacity we are given. Good job to everyone! from Study Room https://ift.tt/2PPIwW3