We Spotted the Oral Question!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently.

It’s been really hectic. I get a shock by the aging Wei when I look in the mirror at times. 

With the upcoming PSLE, I’ve been giving daily homework to my students and assigning them more practice in the areas they are weakest at. It’s one month to the big exam so I want to do the final sprint with them. This is afterall their first “major” test in life and I am honoured to guide them through this journey. And I am extremely blessed with children who want to work hard with me.

The kids had their oral examinations today. I would say we are well-prepared- we had many practices in class, I sent them revision points before the exams and taught them everything to help them ace this component.

Today, I was waiting by the phone anxiously all morning, waiting to hear from them. It was as if I were the parent/student.

My true kiasu Singaporean self had surfaced. heh.

Then came the first whatsapp message.

Bingo! The conversation topic was one we had discussed in class!

I was overjoyed and turned into one of those “needy girlfriends” as I started texting the rest who haven’t contacted me to see how they did. All told me it was “good”, some said they were “confident of getting high marks”; one even said he “was able to make the examiner laugh.”

You can’t imagine the euphoria.

I congratulated them and quickly messaged the students who are taking the exams tomorrow to inform them today’s topic. (Yes, I am really kiasu.)

As you can see, I am already in my “battle mode.”  It’s 41 days to the main papers and I am going to do whatever it takes to get them through this.

This is the best part about being an educator. Fighting along your children and reaching for the common goal— the stars.

Jiayou, everyone!