“You are resigning?”

“You are resigning?” a few of my friends who follow this page and some parents of current students messaged me when they saw the status yesterday about full-time classes.

Yes, I will be quitting my day job and yes, I am jittery about this. After all, I will be giving up a stable income. It’s a big life decision.

I have considered this decision for months.

We do enjoy teaching over the weekends this year. It was tiring but very fulfilling. I remember there was once the school’s toilet had sewage problems and I had informed the parents to use the toilet at the malls before heading to class. Unfortunately, one student had diarrhoea and I had to allow him to use the toilet.

I ended up cleaning the toilet. However, I was still in a jovial mood after the class because I really enjoyed interacting with the students and teaching them.

I think that was the day when I was certain this was worth the risk.

Moreover, I have been very lucky. At the very least, I am doing this with a very good friend who believes in the common cause and mission.

Wallace is also going to quit his job in the financial sector. To be able to share the same dream with a friend of 15 years is pretty amazing. He’s taking an even bigger gamble as he has a two-year old toddler to support. Since he did management science and engineering at Stanford University, where he has to learn about decision and risk, and economic analysis, I trust that he knows we are making the right decision!

The most heart-warming part of all is when a group of good friends heard the news and vowed to send their children to me (see photo). Even though one believes she is dating a Korean star…