Maths Science- Changing Ourselves

There was a comic going around recently. The elephant, monkey, penguin and others were told to climb a tree and all had to perform the same task to ensure a fair selection. The cartoon took shots at the examination system- how each individual is geared differently and how it shouldn’t test everyone the same way.

At the Study Room, we have a yes-we-can attitude and we don’t admit defeat easily. It’s true that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses- but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to score, especially for Maths and Science.

Remember- if we can’t change the environment, we change ourselves.

Even if it’s not for the grades, primary school Maths and Science help to shape one’s thinking logic which is helpful for decision making in adult life. Also, one should not start to narrow options at such a tender age. Get a good foundation first, then decide later in secondary school or JC whether you want to be an arts, science or business student.

I aim to make Maths and Science interesting for everyone, even for those who believe they are not inclined for the subject. Through games like twister and live experiments, I hope to ignite the passion for the subjects in every student and also help them understand the concepts in a simple and fun way. That’s what learning should be like and loving a subject is the best way to improve one’s grades as the student would be motivated to study.

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