How to pronounce “一”

Chinese tip: “一” means one in Chinese. It is often the first Chinese character we learn as a kid. But do we really know how to read this? Do you read “一” in the first, second, third or fourth tone?

There are three ways to read “一”: “衣”(一声)、“移”(二声)和“义”(四声)。

1) If you are using “一” to express chronological order, it is read“衣”,for example: 一二三四,第一天,第一名,第一组,第一个

2) If “一” is part of a two-character word, its pronunciation depends on the second character. If the second character is in the fourth tone, then “一” is read “(二声)移”, for example:一定、一样、一件、一套、一辆、一部

3) Otherwise, in all other scenarios where “一” is part of a two-character word, “一” is read “(四声)义”, for example:一分、一艘、一天、一只一人、一条、一元,一组、一比、一览、一把……