Call us home

A Sec 1 student came for our potluck party for the P6 and secondary school students last Sunday even though he had no one to send him (parents were abroad) and was exhausted (he had just ended four days of camp.) Later on, when the party was ending, he asked if he could stay overnight at Study Room. That was really sweet.

When we started Study Room, we wanted to build a community too, a sense of school identity and a sense of belonging. After all, you learn best when you like the place you are learning at. It isn’t easy, as some would see our services to them as a form of trade.

We feel like parents sometimes. When the students are in primary school, it is easier to catch their attention- some would even request for more lessons because they enjoy the lessons. As they grow older and are teenagers, we can only relish the times they want to hang out with us, and not just their friends.

A friend asked us if it was draining for us to hold potluck after more than 21 hours of lessons over the weekend. Of course it is. We nearly fell asleep just by sitting on the couch, but it was good time spent.

Also, we want to let them know Study Room is akin to a harbor for them. A place for them to come to whenever they need shelter and safety.