StudyRoom Star Awards

Yesterday, we had a #studyroomstarawards for our students. I think it’s only right to honor our teachers too.

Many parents may have the impression that Study Room is just helmed by Wallace & Wei. That’s not true.

Without the efforts of our other caring teachers, we would not have grown as fast as we have. These are just a few selected comments from parents about Anna, Florence and Sook Yee.

It’s not easy to find good teachers (we usually take as long as four to five months to find a teacher), so we are very grateful. Not forgetting Aden, Kelvin, Sean, Yaxi, Yang Ping, and Lay Koon too for their hard work.

They are like my Avengers team. 😀
Why are we praising them when it’s not Teacher’s Day?

Because appreciation should not be made just on one commercialized day a year.

If Study Room were not in the safe and steady hands of these teachers, we may not survived till today, so thank you.

Today’s award goes to our teachers. ☺ #studyroomavengers #studyroomfamily