Happy Teachers’ Day!

Happy Teachers’ Day! I am a day early but I know schools are celebrating the special occasion today.

I am very lucky to be blessed with very good teachers.

I have absolutely no flair for Maths, but Mr Ang, my secondary school Maths teacher for four years, didn’t give up on my class and was there to work with us during the ‘O’ levels. If we were to hand in an assignment before flag raising ceremony, we were sure he would finish marking all the papers by late morning. Mr Ang didn’t take any sick leave in the four years he taught me and is one of the most conscientious teachers I know. We knew he worked harder than any of us so my classmates and I gave our all to ace the Maths exam. Up till today, we would still ask him out for our class gatherings. That’s how much we appreciate him.

Ms Lim, my Secondary 2 English teacher, was another angel in my life. She saw me studying at the school study room one day when I was in Secondary 4 and asked if I wanted additional help for my English. I said yes and from that day onwards, I went to her home every Sunday to work on my composition. At no charge.

I got “A”s for my two Maths papers and English. The credit goes entirely to them.

These are just two examples. There were many other teachers in my life who were dedicated and responsible. A big thanks to all who had taught me and moulded my character. I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys. And they are the ones who influenced me to start the Study Room, because I want to pay it forward.

I would never be as great as these noble teachers but I promise to try hard and change the lives of students, the way my teachers did.