Vocabulary cloze

Taking the exams is not just about knowing everything but also about being exam-smart.

Vocabulary cloze, like all other cloze passages, requires you to get hints from other parts of the story.

We may not understand all the words in the passage. However, we can guess the meaning from the other sentences.

Anyone looking upon the (ruddy) countenance and plump body of Mrs Maniam, who was usually stoic, would never have guessed that she was still a sick woman.

a) frail-looking
b) stout-looking
c) tough-looking
d) healthy looking.

Ruddy- having a healthy, red colour.

Even if you didn’t know this, you could continue reading the sentence. It says “would never have guessed she’s still sick.”

Ah, since I can’t tell she’s sick, she must look really healthy. So the answer is (d) healthy looking.