When do you use the word “like”?

1) The obvious mistake

Youngsters these days enjoy using “like” as a filler to replace “uh”, “erm”.


I was, like, so angry.
My boyfriend is ,like, the best ever.

This is a simple correction. Just remove the word “like”.


I was so angry.
My boyfriend is the best ever.

2) Now to the more complex confusion between “like” and “as”.

If you really want to know:
“Like” is a preposition that links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words.
“As” is a conjunction “that connects two words and phrases. Other conjunctions include “and’ and “or”.

Easy rule:
Use “like” when no verb follows.
Use “as” if the clause that comes next includes a verb.

NOTE: verb is part of the speech that expresses an action e.g. walk, run, read


He sang like a nightingale.
He sang as if he were the reincarnation of Frank Sinatra.
He behaved like a thug.
He behaved as though he was a thug.