SEVEN STEPS TO BATTLE PSLE – Strategy for the final 27 days

Most of the Primary 6 students would have received their prelim results by now. If you have done well, congrats. Keep up the good work.

If you did badly, here’s what you should do.

(NOTE: This strategy is for students who did badly. If you had an A/A* for your prelims, you should be doing more than this. This is not the strategy for you.)

1. Get the right attitude. 
-If you are panicking, calm down. This is not the time to worry. Take a cold shower, take a deep breath and prepare for the final month of exams.
-If you are not panicking despite failing your prelims, PANIC NOW. Wake up. Give yourself a tight slap. If you don’t wake up now, don’t cry when you fail your PSLE in a month’s time.

2. Get organised. 
-Get all the materials you want to revise. Have different stacks for Maths, English, Science and Chinese.
-Clear your table so you know exactly where all your notes are.

3. Focus on past-year PSLE papers
-You failed your exams/did really badly. Your goal now is to pass/get a decent grade.
-Past PSLE papers are easier than school exam papers. Attempt them- make sure you know these at the very least.
-Repeat them until you can solve all the exam questions from the past five years. -For compositions, memorise a few good phrases to use for generic topics.

4. Revision
-If you still have time, go through the mistakes of your previous exercises.
-Put a circle around the questions you get wrong again.
-Attempt those questions again. Those that you can’t get right, put another circle around the question, and then try until you know the answer.

-Whatever you don’t understand, ask.
-Your teachers are most willing to help you. If not, message us here at the Study Room.

6. Be focused. 
-It’s just 27 days to PSLE. It’s not a long time. Every time you feel like giving up, remember this is the FINAL SPRINT.
-Imagine this is your 2.4 km run. This is your last lap. Once you finish this lap, you can have your rest.
-After this examinations, you will have almost three months of break. You can do it.

7. Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP. 
-No matter how badly you did at your prelims, this is the final shot.
-If you give up now, all your effort this year would be wasted. Don’t give up on yourself.

Remember, you are a winner.