Maths Tricks

Looking to impress your relatives this Chinese New Year? Here are a couple of Maths tricks that you can showcase in front of your cousins! Trick 1: 1. Get them to think of a 3-digit number. 2. Multiply it by 7, 11 and 13 and hey presto, you get twice that number. For example: 1.[…]

Divisible by 7

How do we know if a number is divisible by 7 without a calculator? Easy. Follow these steps: 1. Take the last digit of the number you’re testing and double it. 2. Subtract this number from the rest of the digits in the original number. -If this new number is either 0 or if it’s[…]

Students Dislike Bieber

The great thing about teaching kids is you keep yourself updated with what’s happening in their world. The bad thing is- you feel like an old fogey. Asked the students to write a letter to their idol today and I promised to send them to the heartthrobs after the edits. One girl likes the “Little[…]

Collective nouns

Collective nouns are nouns which stand for a group or collection of people or things. They include words such as audience, committee, police, crew, family, government, group, and team. Most collective nouns can be singular or plural. However, there are a few collective nouns that are used only in the plural form, the most common[…]

The Study Room News Anchors

I must say the P1-2 class is the hardest to teach. As the students are very young, we have to maintain discipline, ensure they learn, make it fun and be innovative. This combination is almost impossible.Besides focusing on their writing, I want my lower primary students to be able to present and express themselves from a[…]