Physics tip:

Physics tip:

Always check decimal points and significant numbers in the final answers and don’t forget the units!

For instance, for the topic on “Pressure”, which has a multitude of units (atm, bar, torr, Pascals, etc) for one quantity. In exams, the SI unit is used (Pascals or Newton per unit sq metre) so it’s really important to make sure that students are aware of the units used in their calculations.

A good example would be calculating pressure exerted at the base of a stiletto heel.

The base area for a stiletto heel would be usually provided in square milimetres. When this is done correctly, the pressure at the base of the heel when they are worn is actually astounding.

The pressure exerted on the base of a stiletto when a slim lady is wearing them… is more than 7x atmospheric pressure! The answer wouldn’t make sense if the area wasn’t converted to the right units.

No wonder toes can be crushed when a stiletto heel is on them! #physics #sciencefun #womaninheels