Do you remember the milo trucks?

Remember the milo trucks during our school days? We used to always rush to get our free cup of milo whenever they were on campus. To let our students have this wonderful experience too, we reward them with a can of milo among other beverages and tidbits for participating in class. MILO Singapore¬†is still the[…]

Books for P1 Students

A parent asked me to recommend some books for her seven-year old son to read. My advice: Reading is a great hobby. It really depends on your son’s standard of English now. There’s no need to start with tough books because that may kill the interest he has- there’s no problem with starting with simple[…]

Speaking Chinese is OK

This was from MOE’s Facebook, advising parents to speak good English in front of their kids. I have a point to add. Some parents pride themselves in speaking to their children in English. Little do they realize they are really teaching their kids Singlish. Speak the language you are good at. It can be English[…]

Eating and drinking IS/ARE allowed?

This is a question from a school revision paper which I will go through with my students this Saturday. Eating and drinking is/are not allowed in the sports hall. There is a heated debate on this question. One camp says the answer should be “is” because you categorise eating and drinking as one activity. The[…]