Writing with Milk

I thought I should share this before I threw it away! These words were written in milk – it’s completely invisible when it dries up. But hold it over a candle flame, and the words appear! The milk contains fats and acids which reacts with the heat, changing its colour more than the paper it’s[…]


Does this image look familiar? I came across this in a P3 science textbook. It is WRONG. The tongue is NOT divided into sections which are exclusively responsible for different basic tastes. Read here for more info: http://studyroom.sg/tongue-map/

Multiplication short-cut

Sometimes it’s faster during examinations if we could do complicated multiplication mentally. Here’s one short-cut. How to multiply double-digit numbers by 11. Example: MULTIPLY 45 x 11. Step 1: The answer will start with 4 and end with 5. So it’s 4__5 Step 2: Find out what’s in the blank by adding 4+5=9 Step 3:[…]