Auld Lang Syne

We often sing the song “Auld Lang Syne” at the New Year’s countdown show when the clock strikes twelve. Why?Even Billy Crystal asked Meg Ryan in the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem set to the tune of a traditional folk song. The song’s title may be translated[…]


We often see this floral display during the Christmas season. Do you know what they are called? They are called poinsettia. (pronounced POIN- ser- dear) \pȯin-ˈse-tē-ə, ÷pȯint-, ÷-ˈse-tə\ In Mexico, it is known as “La Flor de Noche Buena”, which translates into the “Christmas Eve Flower.” How did it become associated with the festival? In[…]

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Dongzhi (Winter Solstice) Festival! Have you eaten your 湯圓? Do you know why it is called 冬至? If you understand Chinese, the words literally mean “the arrival of winter.” Why do we eat 湯圓? The balls of glutinous rice represents reunion. When I was a kid, I remembered having both sweet and salty 湯圓.[…]