Supporters Imprisoned!

“Imprisoned for 38 years, supporters believe activist leader was framed for murder by police in tumultuous early ’70s.” Oh dear. How would you interpret this headline? It seems to imply the supporters were imprisoned for 38 years! Adjectives that end with -ing and -ed are called participles. When you use such participles with no proper[…]


Secondary 1 Survival Tips

Congratulations on getting your PSLE results! Now the next step is to head to the next stage of your life- into your secondary school years. Change is never easy, but always exciting. Here are a few tips on how to tackle Secondary One years for all the 12-year olds out there. 1. New school environment[…]

Area Question

Notice that area of triangle BIE = 1/2 * width (IE) * height (22cm) also, area of triangle CIJ = 1/2 * width (IJ) * height (22cm) the two triangles overlap on the quadrilateral FGHI. so sum of triangles – FGHI = unshaded area. we don’t know IE and IJ but we know that IE[…]


It’s fine if you “talked about” something or “spoke about” something. Correct: We talked about this performance. Correct: We spoke about his experience. However, you shouldn’t “mention about” something. WRONG: We mentioned about his mistakes to the teacher. RIGHT: We mentioned his mistakes to the teacher.


I always advise writers to be concise. This is not easy and I write redundant words too if I’m not careful. In an earlier post, I wrote “past experience” when “experience” could have sufficed because experience is something that has happened. Here are other examples: bright flash of light huge skyscraper Free gift Old antiques[…]

Equal Numerator

The equal numerator method. Example: Michael and Owen saved some money. 2/3 of Michael’s savings was equal to 1/4 of Owen’s savings. What was the ratio of Owen’s savings to their total savings? When the question is of the form: [fraction] of A is equal to [fraction] of B. You can use the equal numerator[…]