Against Labelling Students

Many schools held their parent-teacher session yesterday. Some of my students told me their teachers described them as “talkative” and “naughty”. The student who was described as “talkative” is actually a very vocal person who can express herself very well. The “naughty” student is a kid who is very lively, brings joy to the class[…]

Why I Enjoy Teaching

Last week, a mother emailed to tell me her son was one mark away from getting the highest for his English exams. Last night, my student messaged me and told me his SA1 results, which was a big improvement from his CA1 marks. I really want to brag about my students because I am super[…]


My P6 student just messaged me, telling me he can’t sleep because he’s scared about the exams tomorrow. I told him the following and I think it applies to all the P6 kids. The important exam is your PSLE. As long as you have prepared for your SA, just be calm and take it as[…]

Synthesis and transformation

Many students find this part of the paper tough. As with all components of the paper, you have to read, speak and write often to grasp the language.Still, lots of practices help too. The following questions are a tad tricky. Can you tell me the right answers? 1. Beauty couldn’t return home. She had to[…]

Happy Mother’s Day!

A little trivia- all the enquiries we received about classes and school work were from mothers except for one! This shows how mothers care for their children!  (Of course, dads play a very important role too- afterthe mother’s enquiries, it is usually the fathers who send their kids to our classes!) We will like to[…]

Teachers Attempt Questions First

This forum letter (see link)  laments how primary school teachers are made to teach all subjects and sometimes may be inept at teaching the subject they are not trained at. This is why at the Study Room, Wei and I work on our forte to provide the best education for our students . We also[…]