Why Trust Us

I had this conversation with a parent whose child is taking the PSLE next year. “Why should I trust you with my daughter? It’s a crucial year for my child and I don’t want to have to switch tutors in the middle of the year again.” This is a very legitimate question. I understand the[…]

Work hard!

I have been quite a slave driver since June. I have given the P6 students a lot of homework, hoping the drills will help them improve in their final-year exams. The load increased in recent weeks as PSLE approaches. My dear kids, if you are reading this, please just “tahan” this ordeal for another few[…]

Missing the children

As we run up towards the PSLE, I’m starting to miss my students already, knowing that in a few more weeks they’d have done their exams and it’s unlikely I’ll see them again. So as they pleaded hard for me to order pizza, I gave in. I also remembered, back when I was studying for[…]