Secondary school oral tips

Secondary school oral tips

We had been tackling PSLE oral, but we haven’t forgotten you, big boys and girls. ☺

O Level oral is from 13-27 Aug. If you are one of the students taking the test next week, best of luck! Here are some quick tips.

1. Organise your thoughts.
Some students tend to have scattered thoughts. Often the questions are like argumentative essays. Take a stand, provide one point + evidence + elaboration, followed by the next. Good to have a counter-argument too to make your discussion well rounded.

2. If there is nothing to say already, end the conversation.
Many students want to keep on talking even though they have nothing else to say. They end up repeating the points, rattling on and confusing/irritating the examiners.

3. Always give examples.
They could be personal or current affairs. Thus it is important to read up. Focus on these common topics:
– Nationalism
– Art
– Life-long learning
– Technology
– Sports
– Entertainment
– Family/Friends/Relationships
– Environment

Here are the topics for the past four days. (rough outline as told by my students.)

Day 1
Picture of a group of people having breakfast at a void deck
1. How do you think they feel?
2. Tell me about a community event you have taken part in.
3. Is spending time with neighbours as important as spending time with family and friends?

Day 2
Picture: A ball match at a stadium with spectators/Female players (with National Flag on Singapore team Jersey)
1. Would you like to be the spectator of a sports match?
2. Have you ever taken part/watched a sports match?
3. Is team sports the best way to exercise?

Day 3
Picture: Two men clear up a beach which has many trash bags.
1. How do you think the men feel?
2. What has your school/community done to protect the environment?
3. We need many countries to save the world. Unilateral effort is insufficient. Do you agree?

Day 4
Picture: a long queue in front of ATM
1. How would you feel if you were in the queue?
2. Would going cashless affect your expenditure?
3. Do you agree that physical cash payment is safer than cashless payment?

Good luck!