Love will continue

Thanks for all the interest in our classes.  We announced yesterday that we will have more classes next year, we will be full time and will continue to impart knowledge through love and fun games. I received a lot of queries about our classes yesterday and this is one of the most frequently asked questions:[…]


A parent wanted to chat with me, so I left the classroom for five minutes. As I was returning to the classroom, it looked like the Primary 1 kids were behaving themselves from the glass door. “THA….” Just as I was about to thank them for behaving themselves, chaos erupted. “X said I did this!”[…]


Your Questions Answered

As we approach the year-end examinations, we get  academic queries from parents on our wall and private messages. Thought it would be great to share the questions and solutions with everyone here. Science: Question: Wallace: I’ve seen this question before. It’s not a good one to be honest. There’s elastic spring force acting on the[…]


Met Wallace today. “You look so tired,” he said. “You too.” The two zombies had a lifeless exchange. He has been doing prep work for the students till 1 or 2am, while I have been waking up at 4 or 5am to mark the papers. It’s as though we are in a relay. Before we[…]