Invite me to NDR!

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is inviting Singaporeans to the National Day Rally.

To be invited, we have to send a photo of a smart device or program which has improved our lives and tell them why or tell them how Singapore can become a #smartnation.

We are sending pictures of some of our students enjoying themselves at Study Room.


Singapore can become a #Smartnation by investing in her younger generation.

Singapore can spend money to develop the latest technology but our biggest assets are these children who are our future. They are the one who will lead Singapore twenty years later, transform Singapore into a smart nation and make Singapore an even better place to live in.

We could choose some photos of the children learning coding or learning fractions with robotics at Study Room but we decided to choose the pictures of them enjoying their birthdays.

While educating and investing in our younger generation, sometimes it’s not just about using the latest technology. ❤️ Love and the personal touch of teachers can’t be replaced by technology in education.

Dear Prime Minister Lee, please give us a chance to attend your rally. :) Not only do we use technology in our teaching (chromecast, robotics, coding), but we also use our heart to invest in the future- our children. ☺️

We will be most honoured.

Wallace and Wei

#invitemetoNDR from Study Room