Our Chinese classes

How are you conducting your P1-P4 Chinese classes?

This is a frequently asked question by parents.

1. We adhere strictly to MOE’s syllabus.
2. Our goal is to build your child’s foundation and more importantly, cultivate his interest in the language in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Easier said than done! Let me show, not tell. :)

a. Phrases taught in schools are explained again. We may use stories and videos to illustrate some of them, just so it captures their attention and helps them retain knowledge.
b. Sure, there will be spelling but we will try to conduct them in a fun way to ease the load of the parents when they are learning at home too.
c. We will also have an emphasis on hanyu pinyin and also the strokes of the words, especially in P1 to make sure the students get the basics right.
d. Exercises are based on the latest exam format with a focus on comprehension.
e. There will be writing exercises from P1 to help them with their compositions from young.
f. Not to worry, there will be games to help them enjoy the classes.

Message us here http://ift.tt/2cWZ0aG and we will get back to you on your enquiries as soon as we can.

Please check our schedule here:

P.S. We are also in the midst of planning a P1 Chinese class on a weekday. Register your interest too if weekdays are better for you! :) from Study Room http://ift.tt/2iwuxou