Maths tip: Elimination method

Maths tip:

Elimination method:
Try the 5 questions in the picture (P3 level). If you can do them, then you’ve already got an understanding of the elimination method.

2. 8
3. 6
4. 18
5. 8

These questions below are more difficult but build on the same method of problem-solving:

1. Mdm Lim bought 10 apples and 2 pears with $16. She would have $4 left if she bought 4 apples and 12 pears instead. Find the total cost of a pear and an apple.

2. Alex paid $14.80 for 6 notebooks and 10 pens. If he paid $16.50 for 10 notebooks and 5 pens, find the cost of 1 notebook.

3. Jimmy has 161 local and foreign stamps altogether. He sold 2/3 of the local stamps and 1/2 of the foreign stamps. In total he sold 92 stamps. How many local stamps did he have originally?
Answers are below. Did you get them correct?

Q1: 1.5, 0.5
Q2: $1.30
Q3: 69 from Study Room