Study tips for those who worked hard but failed

I studied but failed


I really did study for my SA1. I failed most of my subjects. My parents are down my throat and I am feeling very sian. Why bother to study if I will fail anyway?

You can’t just give up from just one failure. We are not quitters- what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Now, stop moping, pick yourself up and get ready for the June holidays.

I want you to think hard about the next few questions.

1. When you were studying, were you reading through the notes or were you understanding the context? Could you explain to your friend if required to?

I am not doubting that you had studied. I had experienced this before. My physical self is determined, but my mental self isn’t. It is easy to read through the text like a storybook and say we have studied. You have read, yes, but not studied.

The best gauge is to stop the process after a chapter, and try to explain it to someone. If you are able to explain to a friend (even better, make the person understand), it means you know what you have studied.

It may slow down your progress. However, it’s better to be slow and know your work than be very fast and know nothing.

2. Let’s be honest with each other here.
When you said you have studied, did you mean you studied a day before the exams or a few days before it? I am asking this because this was what I did when I was your age. I would come home puzzled, thinking I am dumb to have failed after studying without realising the obvious.

My friends had been studying consistently throughout the semester. I studied just the night before and started questioning why there was no miracle. Put it in perspective.

3. If you had done the above, what was it that went wrong or you could have done differently?
– made notes?
– clear doubts with the teacher?
– create a mindmap?
– if you had difficulty remembering certain things, are there better methods? Could you link them to a familiar pattern.

4. Your parents are breathing down your neck.
If you had been studying, it’s okay. Assure them. Parents are always worried because they are supposed to be worried. That’s what they do and who they are. When they see you at your desk all day, they are reasonable and would not blame you. It is a two-way street.

if you had been locking yourself in your room studying, but every time they knock on it, they realised you were napping, you can understand why they are worried, can’t you?

Use your actions to prove yourself. This is the least of your problems. They may be naggy but they don’t mean malice, so as long as you are guilt-free, just let them nag.

5. We are all talented in different ways. Some may be naturally adept in sports, others in Sciences etc. Unfortunately, the Singapore system forces us to geer towards one goal and everyone with different talents is supposed to ace the same test.

It isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair.

Set reasonable goals, make sure you attain the next one. The key is never give up.

If you give up from one failed exam, it will be a vicious cycle and you will fail the next.

Try your best. That beats everything. Attitude trumps talent in this world. Trust me.

Don’t say it’s your best until you really know it’s your best.

Good luck! #thurswithwei #sa1 #sgexams #sgeducation #singaporeeducation